What’s New!

We have a policy of continual upgrading and refurbishment.

For 2015, we have made the following improvements:

  1. The raised flower bed has been moved from the centre of the car park entrance to the side to give more space in the car park, thus making parking much easier!
  2. As part of making the new flower bed, we decided it was time for a new ‘Whitemoor House’ sign.
  3. New, draught-free front porch and front door.
  4. Exbury room has been completely refurbished and decorated.
  5. Lyndhurst room has been redecorated and Minstead room refurbished.
  6. We’ve upgraded to larger TVs in four of our rooms so far.
  7. And lastly – it’s only a little thing, but small things matter…. fresh milk is now available for your tea tray!